Tuesday, July 29, 2008

*:*:*:*:A TEST FOR ALL OF US:*:*:*:*

I thought i would ask each and everyone of you to try this out for a couple of days!!! Maybe even for a week.... O.K, here i go and spill out the beans to what i am about to ask all of you to do. I would like to see if we all can write about positive things for just a little while!!! I know you are thinking that i must be nuts, but i was feeling that most of us seem to have sad things going on in our lives right now.....So i thought maybe if we tried to write about happy things, it would make all of us feel better about ourselves!!!! And for one another.((CHEERS))..... For example, you can write about your dogs silliness, or cats, or just something that might even happen to you that was funny..Or just share something that another friend shared with you, and that you thought it was a cool thing what you have just heard..... Of course if something really bad happens, then i would want everyone to post it because we still need to keep the prayers going!!!!! ((THAT IS A MUST))....... In the mean time, do all of you think you would like to give this a try????? I just want you to keep in mind, that by doing this, this doesn't mean we are forgetting about all of our problems. Because they will always be in our thoughts at all times.... I just feel that all of us could use some good laughing and lots of smiles for our SOULS...... I would like to share something with you right now! We have three little dogs that are very spoiled and loved very much. Their names are ROLLIE POLLIE, ZIPPO & LILLI BELLE. Rollie 8yrs, Zippo 2yrs and Lilli is 8 months old..... When we go to bed every night we have to pick up Rollie to put him on the bed. And yes, they sleep with us every night!!! Anyway, Rollie is to fat to jump up onto the bed. Lilly is trying, but has not accomplished it yet. She will though. Now for Zippo, no problem for him to get on the bed. Here comes our routine now, Rollie lays about the middle of the bed, on top of the covers. Lilli goes back and forth from my pillow to my husbands pillow until she wears her self out.... Then she flops down where ever she wants to, that could be right on my head,((GIGGLES)). Of course that is not cool with me to have her butt right in my face!!! So then i have to push her somewhere else, like between our pillows. She likes to be close to our heads. Now Rollie is happy and Lilli is happy. 2 down 1 to go still. Now we have Zippo, just when i think that i might have a night without him sleeping right next to my belly under the covers, watch out. Here he comes from my husbands side of the bed staring at me right in my face.... I say, What Zippo, i thought you didn't want to sleep next to me?? Here comes the PAW!!! Pawing at my face and neck, that is to let me know that i am supposed to lift up the covers so he can get in and snuggle up by my belly.....At least my belly stays warm all night.(Giggles)... Anyway, i have to do the work for him...Why can't he be like all of the other dogs and use his nose to lift up the covers himself??? SPOILED I SAY....So every night this is what my husband and i go through. Fat Rollie content with being in the middle, Lilli back & forth by our heads. And Zippo with the PAW thing. We must really love our dogs to go through this routine every night!!! ((SMILES & CHEERS I SAY))....... Well i hope you all enjoyed my little story about our little lovable dogs? I could go on and on about our dogs, like going to the bathroom! Do you think we could ever go in private? NO, They will keep scratching at the door until i let them in.. THEN I HAVE SIX LITTLE EYES STARING AT ME OR TRYING TO PLAY WITH ME WHILE I AM TRYING TO TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!!! (( This is silly i say, but i do love them...)) Time for me to go now, i hope i am not being to pushy with all of you!!!! HUG & BLESSINGS SENT TO ALL OF YOU>>>>>>>> Love,Stacy

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

((( A CHILDS CRY )))

TIME AFTER TIME, DIME AFTER DIME. MY SON HAS NO TIME, ALL HE WANTS IS MORE DIMES...... IF HE ONLY KNEW HE WOULD BE RUNNING OUT OF TIME...... CAUSE YOU CAN ONLY TAKE ADVANTAGED OF PEOPLE FOR SO LONG..... AND THATS WHEN THEY SAY SCOOT ALONG!!!! SOON THERE WILL BE NO ONE THERE FOR HIM..... THATS WHEN HE WILL REALIZE HE DID THIS TO HIM...... MAYBE THEN HE WILL SEE THE LIGHT, CAUSE I KNOW SOMEDAY HE MIGHT..... HOW LONG I DO NOT KNOW, BUT ONLY HE CAN ASK THAT THOUGH!!!! Well i decided to give it another try, and you know something, I had a ball doing it.. This is getting easier and easier....... Hope you guys enjoyed reading this one, maybe next time i will write something on my husband and i?? That would be a fun one.... *:*:*:HUGS & BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU:*:*:*

Saturday, July 19, 2008


As i sit my brain starts to think Thoughts twirl inside my head Until i can no longer think..... I decide to move around to Find myself lost in confusion I then wonder and start to Have illusions....... By now my heart is beating Faster, Oh dear here goes My thoughts, good thoughts I hope....... But find myself wanting to Drop, but i pull myself Together and tell myself Nope........ Thats when i know there Is (( HOPE ))......... Well i hope you guys have enjoyed this little poem.... Thought i would give it a try since i have enjoyed Reading so many poems from others!!!! HUGS AND BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL*.*.*.*.