Saturday, June 28, 2008

Believing In Faith!!

I am writing to let all of my blog readers know that i have learned something very new about my son. First i need to let you guys know that my son was placed as a 51/50 Wednesday the 25th of June. He had gone down south to spend a couple of day with his aunt. During his stay, his aunt found drugs and on top of it, he had stoled money from her. As they were on the way home, my son decided to take a knife to his throat. Which really scared my sister!! Thats when she texed my cell phone and told me to have the cops waiting with me. So when my sister finally showed up, my son got into my car, thats when the cops came around the corner and they had my son step out of my car and they proceeded to put hand cuffs on him. Of course i started to cry. But i knew my sister was only trying to help my son. So off he went with tears and very afraid look on his face. Well now i go to the hospital the next day. they released him and advised me to seek more help for him. I decided to take him to a drug abuse recovery center the next day. The doctor had my son answer all kinds of questions, and i told him to be honest answering them. Well he did, only because i was in the room with him. After we were all done, the Dr. ask me why my son was taking anti-depression pills. Because he is very depressed and suicidal . Thats when he tells me that my son has the classic signs of Bi-Polar!!! And he said that if my son keeps on taking the anti-depression pills he will end up dead. Now i have always knew that the pills weren't working right, but had no idea it was making him more suicidal. (WHAT A WAKE UP CALL). So now thats why i say Believing In Faith really does work. It was just a matter of time to get the right help for my son. Now i have a lot of learning to do, and to be more understanding for my son. I think back when he was younger. He has always been like this, very unhappy. Or should i say Jeckal and Hide..... Well now i have shared this with all of you. I am looking forward to a kinder and loving son again. I know its not going to happen over night, but i should start seeing some changes in about three weeks. Thank you all for your prayers!!!! Maybe now i can start writing about other stuff. Yeah-Yippie!!!! God Bless Everyone, And thank you again.... Take Care Now!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mom's Heart Goes Out For Her Son!!!!

I have been thinking about every thing that my son has been doing lately. Just when i thought that he was coming around, staying out of trouble, being more respectful towards me and everybody around him. BOOM!!!! He made a big bang again, caught him with drugs, lying and steeling money from us. So when i say my heart goes out for my son, its because i am at the point to where he will no longer be living with me. Thats not what i want, but he keeps continuing doing the same stuff. I have been seeking help for him, but its taking longer then i have hoped. For the last year, my son has been going doctors and doing home school plus seeing a psychiatry! He is taking anti-depression pills. I don't think that they are the right ones for him. I've told that to the doctor, but he just keeps increasing it. I'm very sad for my son. I'm afraid hes going to end up dead or go to jail. He is only 14 years old,but very tall 6 feet and acts like hes going on 20.... When i try to confront him about these issues, he threatens to burn our house down or hes going to kill himself or harm somebody else, etc. Then i attend to back down some because i really do feel he's going to do one or the other. Believe me, I've tried before and i got hurt. I am waiting for the school board to help me with putting my son in a boarding school. But its taking to long. So what am i suppose to do in the mean time? I have already called the cops on him, this last time they took him to the hospital and placed him as a 51/50. He lucked out and didn't have to go to a physic ward... So now he still continues to do his crap!!! I'm just so lost now. What can i do to make him understand how much i care about him? And all I'm trying to do is to keep him from making the wrong choices now. As he gets older its going to be harder for him or could end up dead or be a jail bird for the rest of his life. HE DOES NOT GET IT, yet anyway.... Well i think i have given you a very good idea to what i am having to deal with. thanks for reading this and if anybody has any good ideas, I would love to read about them. HUGS TO EVERYBODY!!!!! Stacy (hopefulsl)