Sunday, September 28, 2008


Just stopping in to let all of you know that i start a new job tomorrow. I am going to be pretty busy now so i may have a harder time being able to keep up with all of my blog buddies. But i sure am going to give it my best shot at it...........Right now i only will be working 4 hours a day so that should not be a problem at first. Once i get my complete training done then it will be full time work. Which i may have very screwy hours then, i will be working at a gas station with my oldest sister that has been there for 20 some years now........Boy do i give her credit, cause the owner can be a real pain in the butt sometimes........I have always said that i would not work for that man nor would he ever hire me due to my sister already working for him. He always said that he did not like family working together. But for some reason he has over looked that and i myself has decided to over look my issues about him too........So he is really in need of help right now and i really need to get out and make more money to keep up with this darn world of ours. I don't know who is crazier, the man that owns the business or me. We are going to find out very soon.....((GIGGLES))......We both are very much bull headed, so i told him that i already prayed to GOD about this situation. And you know something, i got a nice smile out of him and we both laugh about it. Cause he knows exactly what i was talking about :) I am looking forward to working with my sister though, and he has me being trained by her which is going to be lots of fun..........Like my sister said, i will be train right, that's for sure since she has been there for so long now. Which surprised me that he is having us work together.......HUMMMMM........Maybe God is really working on both of us!!!! Well guys wish me luck and i will keep you all posted to what is happening....... HUGS & HUGS TO ALL OF YOU, BLESSINGS AS WELL-CHEERS :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

*:*:*: HERE WE GO AGAIN :*:*:*

First i would like to tell all of you that my son has been doing pretty good. FOR THE MOST PART....... But as of yesterday, my son has chosen to leave school campus and then decided to hitch a ride all the way up to my house!!!! Well lets say where i live, cause i did not know where he was until i got a phone call from my brother in-law saying that someone had seen my son on the highway coming up towards us......... OMG, that little poop head! Now of course i needed to get a hold of his dad to let him know that he could be up here in my area. Here we go again i thought! A wild goose hunt and probably would have the cops involved. I instantly started to get this over whelming feeling. So i decided to get in my car and drive over to where i thought he could be hiding out.........The first place that i came to i had knocked on their door while my heart was pounding so fast, they answered and before i could say anything they said are you looking for your son? YES, they told me that they were the ones to give him a ride from our little town to there place. He is around here somewhere they say. Now i call my son on his cell phone to tell him that i know where he is. Of course he tells me that he is not here......FIRST I SAID WHY WOULD YOU SAY YOU ARE NOT HERE. IF YOU WEREN'T HERE YOU WOULD BE SAYING MOM,((( I AM NOT UP THERE,))) BUT YOU SAID I AM NOT HERE..... I told him to stop lying and that the game is over. You have been caught!!!! So this went on for about an hour, finally the game comes to a stop. Now i see my son walking in a field, all sweaty and tired looking. He proceeds to get in my car looking like he has been crying. He then ask to call his dad to tell him that he is with me now.........Now we go back to my house until i was able to meet his step mother half way back to his home. Of course during all of this my son was telling me that i did not care about him anymore, and if i did care about him i would be begging his dad to let him move back in with me....... But i am this EVIL MOM he says!!!! Trying to keep myself from slapping him about 20 times that should of taken place but i just take in all the abuse from him and just tell him that someday you will understand and that i love you more than you know..........You can say all the ugly things you want to me, keep on stabbing my heart. But i know that you really don't mean the things that you are saying to me. Now its time for him to get into his step moms car. We now HUG each other, he looks in my eye with a tear saying he probably wont be able to see me for a couple of months now. I say that it wont be that long, you had a bad day and that your dad has been pretty fair with you. Just try to do better from here on. But you need some kind of consequence to be done. You will never learn if something dosen't happen. From my understanding, his dad has taken his cell phone away for right now. As far as for him to come up to my house, i do know that he has to do Saturday school this week-end because of what he did. ( SCHOOL DECECION) I will see if he will get to come up the following week-end. ITS ALL UP TO MY SON'S ACTIONS!!!! I will be praying hard for him :) Thanks to all my readers for taking the time to read my post's......Hugs & Blessings To All, Love-Stacy :)

Friday, September 12, 2008


I have neat news to share with all of you :) But before i do i need to thank all of you for praying for Mike, and i hope that he is having better days! Hang in there Mike! You will be in my thoughts :) O.K, is everybody ready to hear what i am so excited about???? Well lets see, i do not know if i have shared with all of you, but when my oldest boy went into the army and then several months later my son moved back to his dads......GUESS WHAT ???? That meant we had two empty bedrooms. So i have decided to make one of the bedrooms into and office.....YEAH...... So far we have re-painted and now have the computer stuff in. Now heres comes the good part.......I needed some really cool pictures!!!! So i went on line and found this WONDERFUL ARTIST. Her name is Tracy Jo :)......(((GIGGLES)))......That is right, my twin sister, i have ordered three of her paintings, and i just received them yesterday. OH MY GOSH !!!! THEY ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON.....My husband and I were very much in awhhhhh.. I cant wait to hang them up, but i have to wait for my wonderful husband to make the frames for them.....This week-end he will be doing that :) Let me share with all of you which ones i ordered. Then you can go over to Tracy's web site to see which ones i am talking about.....I have ordered (( Heavens Gateway )),(( Summer Nights ))&(( Ray Of Hope ))....... WOW and they are great paintings!!!! Really Cool Guys...... I will be ordering some more of her paintings as soon as i have more money. I can only do a little at a time, if i had it my way i would be getting them now. But i would be broke and plus probably upset my husband. Hee,Hee,Hee..... He is the main provider in this house hold so i better be good :) LOL.... So guys, PLEASE go over to Tracy's Art Gallery and enjoy what you see. I hope that each and everyone of you will have a great week-end........ Hugs & Blessings To All :)........

Friday, September 5, 2008


I am asking all of you to PRAY real hard for one of our blogger friends.....This would be for (( MIKE, RAMBLING THOUGHTS)). He has been having a lot of SEIZURES lately. I can only wonder to how tired he must be. And i do know how serious this can be. I do not want him to end up in the hospital....So PLEASE, can we all give it our best shot with lots of PRAYING!!!! We love you Mike, Just try to hang in there o.k........Hugssssss........

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Hey everybody, sorry that i have not been by everybody's blog lately. I have just been trying to catch up on a lot of things now that my son has moved back to his Dad's.... Plus i have been thinking about going back to work again. Maybe part time, not really ready for full time work yet. So i have been out and about looking for work as well, with me trying to get caught up around here too. Let's just say that i am trying to keep my mind more busy than just being on a computer or reading all the time!!!! So with that being said, i hope that you all understand? I will try to get by everybody's blog will soon. I will fill you all in later to what's been happening in our lives real soon......((( CHEERS ))).....Hugs & Blessings!!!