Saturday, October 25, 2008

:*:*:* I'M BEING A COPY CAT *:*:*:

I was going to post something about my latest issues at my new job, But have decided to COPY somebody's blog.........So i will start by saying that this topic is going to be about our bloggers!!!!!! 1) Tart has posted a wonderful post about how she feels about her blog buddies :)......I really think it's great that she has pointed out on how she feels about some of us. So i would like to take this time to tell Tart how i feel about her. First she is such a sweet heart, and i myself love blogging with her and i too look forward for her comment's because she knows how to make me LOL and she always puts a smile on my face :) GIGGLES MY FRIEND!!!!! And Tart needs to know that she as well is in my thoughts and prayers too. Thanks Tart for being such a sweet kind hearted person that you are, and letting us all know how you feel about all of us crazy bloggers-Hee,Hee, i mean that in a good way! 2) I too agree with Tart about Mike! He has been there for all of us and when there is trouble going with a blogger friend he is the first one to make a prayer request....... Mike is full of care and love for all of us. For somebody that has seizures all the time has taken the time to post up a prayer request for people when i feel that all of us need to be praying harder for him.......He for sure has shown his kindness & caring to all of us :) Thanks Mike for being such a great blogger friend!!!!! 3) Tracy my wonderful twin of mind, well you all know how i feel about my sis! I can only say that as we have grown older, we have become very close to one another. And we both have gotten closer by being on blogger land. So i need to let you all know if it wasn't for my twin setting me up on blogger land, i would have never met any of you. How sad that would of been, because i really love talking to all of you. And each and everyone of you make a impact in my life......CHEERS........Big smile i have on my face right now just thinking about all of you! This is really cool to know that we all really do care about one another, WOW-what a feeling this is, thanks guys for being my friend on blogger land. Now i could keep writing about each and everyone that i love to blog with but i am afraid that all of you would get tired reading if this had to take a hour to read this post, so for those that i have not mentioned please do not take it to heart that i don't care about you. (((((CAUSE I REALLY DO LOVE BLOGGING WITH ALL OF YOU))))) Of course that would be-TAMARA,MARY,WANDA,CLUELESS, and i really could go on and on but i think you all get the idea.......Thanks to all of you for being my blogger friend. Hugs & Blessings Sent To All Of You>>>>>>>>>>>

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

:*:*:*:*GOING STRONG*:*:*:*:

Well here i am being able to relax and also able to let all of you know to what is going on with my new job! First i would like to say that YES i am very tired, the reason for this is due to having to do a lot of labor work......OMG.......I have to mop, stock the soda & beer walk-in, clean the bathroom and do windows plus wait on customers at the front counter. This is done daily, there is a lot more duties involved, but i am just giving you guys an idea to what is to be done by me daily when i am there....... Now i have just learned that i will be starting work at 6:00 am in the morning starting next Monday. I was only working 10:00 am to 2:00 pm daily. Now I will be opening the store at 6:00 am to 2:30 pm daily......OMG........Here i go again, thinking that 4 hrs. a day was killing me, now i will be doing 8 hrs. a day!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, i have done this kind of work all my life. But it has been a year since i have had to be this physical, so that is why i am BITCHING so much........GIGGLES.........Anyway, this means that my sister will be training me more on the computer register's so that i will be ready to be on my own this coming Monday. I was also told that once i am the main person up front that would mean that i would not be having to do so much labor work. YIPPEE, THANK GOD, Cause my poor hips and lower back are killing me!!! I just hope i will get the computers down o.k? I am just thankful that my boss is having my sister do the training with me :) I requested it cause she knows how i am and because of my hearing loss she will be able to help me focus on those people that are trying to get gas. The first day being up front my sister ask me if i could hear that? Of course i said hear what? She said the beeping sounds, i said OMG that is the sounds for the gas pumps huh????? I started to panic and said to her maybe i shouldn't be working up front cause of my hearing loss!!!! Then, because my sister knows me so well, she proceeds to calm me down and said that we will do what you are best at...Confused again, but she said because of your hearing loss what do you do best with it because of the problem? She pointed to her eyes, I said my eyes, of course that"s how i have gotten through life is to use my eyes more......That is how i understand to what people are saying to me. I guess you can say kinda like sign language but more like body language. So she told me to calm down and you will be o.k, you will be watching more then trying to hear the beep sounds. My sister has so much faith in me and i think that is why i have not walked off of this job yet. I have worked at a super market for years. I have done the same kind of work but i have never dealt with gas pumps or Lottery!!! This is very confusing to me, but my lovely sister tells me that i have been doing really good and that everybody is very please with me working there. Of course i said to her that you aren't just saying that because i am your sister are you? Hee,Hee......She said NO, and told me that i am picking things up really fast compared to some of the others that are still having problems with everything that have been at this job longer then me. That made me feel really good to hear that. And to top it off i am hearing that from my other co-workers as well :) CHEERS......So everybody, i will have to fill you in more when i start working more up front starting next Monday! Wish me luck and i hope that i don't mess up to much......GIGGLES......Hugs and Blessings to all of you!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Hey everyone! Just wanted to stop in and say that i plan on being able to put up a post to what has been going on with my new job and a little bit of everything else too.......(THIS WEDNESDAY I HOPE?) That is my next day off, and i really would like to just and relax on the computer & maybe do a little of reading a book as well. Can't wait to share all the details with you all. Hope you all are doing good? I guess i will find out this Wednesday :) Talk to you guys soon. HUGS & BLESSINGS TO ALL..........LOVE,STACY!!!!!!