Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well lets see, where do I begin? There's so much going on in my BRAIN that I'm not sure where to start at ~lol~ ............I guess I'll start by telling you all that I have been so FRUSTRATED with the company that I am working for as a CNA. The company has been bought out and now we have new owners that are really turning things upside down! Now we are learning that the new owners are more concerned about their money intake than the well being of the elderly! This has been very sad for us workers and of course for the residents as well. They have cut back on help which I understand the economy is really bad right now, but being low staffed has made it much harder on us CNA'S to perform our duties properly. The less help we have the harder it is to care for the elderly the way we should. I am talking about being able to assist to them in time when they need our help, but when you are tied up with one of the elderly and lights are going off down the hallways and we can't get to them right away until we are finished with what we are trying to do. So by the time we get to them they have already wet themselves or they have had some other disaster happen and had to wait longer then they should have to get the service that they needed sooner! Now I am learning that the new owners are taking away their briefs !#@%@#!.......WHAT ARE THEY THINKING????? Most of our residents wear pull up briefs and by doing this we are going to have our hands full. ((((YIKES)))) Like we already don't have our hands full now! So what I see is going to happen is when they have their accidents while they are laying in bed or even sitting in a chair we will have to deal with them lying or sitting in there own mess until we can get to them. First we are short staffed and now if they don't have a brief on this means it will be all over the place! This totally SUCKS...........And then we will have to get them all clean up and get new sheets and covers and clean clothes and so on! This could happen all day long, by the time we get one person cleaned up we will be running trying to get the next person cleaned up. When this all can be avoided if they keep letting them use BRIEFS!!!!!! Get the picture guys? Where do we have the time to get all of our duties done if we are having to deal with this kind of situation?????? This is just a little bit that I am sharing with you all, if I were to go into all of it you would be getting tired of reading this! I just wanted to share a little of what I am having to deal with at my company that I am still working for. BUT how much longer can I deal with this ?????? It's hard enough trying to take care of 9 to 12 residents on your own to accomplish what needs to be done on your shift and now they are going to wonder why certain things have not been done because of their STUPID ideas of making more money!!!!!! First of all ((( STATE-LAW ))) says each CNA is to only have (3) residents at a time! We are having anywhere to 9 or 12, now do you see what I am getting at! HOW are we going to handle doing everything if they really do take away the briefs? They already took the baby-wipes away which means we now use wash cloths which takes more of our time because after we are done cleaning the resident up we have to go to the hopper room and rinse the wash rags out before they go into the laundry containers. The laundry crew will not clean them if there is any stuff left on them. So this is taking more of our time away from the elderly! I really do feel SORRY for the residents, and I wish I could change things around, but this one is totally out of my hands except that I am having to work harder then I need to! And the elderly have to suffer like this. I love what I do for a living but I just don't see how there are people out there that can treat the elderly the way they are! Well I have shared enough for now, thank you for taking the time to come over and read my BLOG! May God be with you all....................Love,Stacy

Thursday, March 19, 2009

~I'm still here and doing good.~

Well I know it's been a long time since I have Blogged! Did not mean to alarm any of you ~lol~ But nice to know that I have been missed :) I see that my twin Tracy has filled you guys in on to what has been going on with me lately! THANKS SIS!!!! Yes I have finished my schooling to become a CNA (((YAY))) I love my job and get to go home everyday feeling rewarded from it :) I take care of the elderly in a residental home. So I get to hear them thank me dayly for helping them and I get HUGS TOO ~lol~......As for me not Blogging much has to do with me being on My-Space and Facebook all the time now! My-Space for my son and niece's ended up being more than that and now I have started Facebook about a week ago! Now let me tell you a little bit about Facebook, cause I am really excited cause I have found my High School Friends ((((YAY)))). So far the last two days I have been doing lots of catching up with them and I'm still trying to find more friends too! It has been over 20ty years since I have seen or talked to any of them, so I am just like a little kid right now ~BUBBLY~......I really hope that none you are dissapointed with me for not being here on Blogger? To tell you all the truth you have been on my mind and hoping that each and everyone that has followed my blog is doing well and o.k? I guess I need to pop in and say HELLO to each and everyone of you ~lol~. I just don't think I can do all three BUT what the HECK, maybe I will give it a shot and see what happens???? ~lol~ It was all of you that kept me STRONG and GOING from the get go!!!!! And beleive me, I am so GRATEFUL for all of the support that was given to me when I first started Blogging with all of you. I thank you all and want you to know that I have not forgotten any of you! Well I guess that's about all I have to say so I am sending all of you ((((HUGS)))) and my BLESSINGS your way! GOD BLESS YOU ALL :) Love,Stacy