Friday, September 12, 2008


I have neat news to share with all of you :) But before i do i need to thank all of you for praying for Mike, and i hope that he is having better days! Hang in there Mike! You will be in my thoughts :) O.K, is everybody ready to hear what i am so excited about???? Well lets see, i do not know if i have shared with all of you, but when my oldest boy went into the army and then several months later my son moved back to his dads......GUESS WHAT ???? That meant we had two empty bedrooms. So i have decided to make one of the bedrooms into and office.....YEAH...... So far we have re-painted and now have the computer stuff in. Now heres comes the good part.......I needed some really cool pictures!!!! So i went on line and found this WONDERFUL ARTIST. Her name is Tracy Jo :)......(((GIGGLES)))......That is right, my twin sister, i have ordered three of her paintings, and i just received them yesterday. OH MY GOSH !!!! THEY ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON.....My husband and I were very much in awhhhhh.. I cant wait to hang them up, but i have to wait for my wonderful husband to make the frames for them.....This week-end he will be doing that :) Let me share with all of you which ones i ordered. Then you can go over to Tracy's web site to see which ones i am talking about.....I have ordered (( Heavens Gateway )),(( Summer Nights ))&(( Ray Of Hope ))....... WOW and they are great paintings!!!! Really Cool Guys...... I will be ordering some more of her paintings as soon as i have more money. I can only do a little at a time, if i had it my way i would be getting them now. But i would be broke and plus probably upset my husband. Hee,Hee,Hee..... He is the main provider in this house hold so i better be good :) LOL.... So guys, PLEASE go over to Tracy's Art Gallery and enjoy what you see. I hope that each and everyone of you will have a great week-end........ Hugs & Blessings To All :)........


Mike Golch said...

sounds like things are well in you world right now.
Today is a good day for me so far.
I just wonder how long I'll have the bruise on my arm from falling back into the wheelchair( this happend after a doctors appointment and we were getting ready to put the chair in the trunk of the car.) that I use whe we go out.It is better to have a seizure in the chair that standing and have one.
Oh well such is life. Hugs and Blessings to you and all of your family.

Tamara said...

How exciting that you are getting an office and the paintings! I LOVE Heavens Gateway! I know that you will really enjoy them. Tracy is so talented and I am very happy for her and her new website.

You are sounding good. Hope everything else is going well for you. Is your son still doing well at his father's?

Sending you much peace and happiness. You deserve it!


Hopefulsl said...

Sorry to hear about the bruise on your arm, but thank god thats all that happened....It could of been worse :) And everything here is going pretty good!
(((HUGS ))) to you & family as well.

you are right on the money, i will be enjoying having my sisters painting in my house :)
I cant stop looking at them right now, i cant wait to have them hanging.....They are laying out on a bed for right now until we get the frames made for them......
As for my son, he is doing pretty good at his dads. He still hates being there but this is the only thing that keeps him out of BAD trouble......He has been able to come to my house on the week-ends due to good behavior :) YEAH !!!
He still has little issues but nothing like it was when he was living with me. He seems to respect me more now, which is a very good thing.....Anyway, hope you are doing o.k and that life is treating you good as well????
I will be over to read your new post as soon as i can. I am off and running to go pick up my son for the week-end. (((CHEERS))).....
HUGSSSSS & Blessings,

Tracy said...

I just put an award on your blog because i truly think you Rock!!!! I love you sis!


Hopefulsl said...

OMG....How cute is that :) THANKS!!!!
Someday i am going to learn to do awards too. But in the mean time, if you do not have that one on your blog yet, i feel the same way about you :)
So please put that one on your blog as well from me ok......
Hugs & Hugs to you,

Tracy said...

Why ty sweet sister of mine! I love you lots, I added that the award is also from you! Hugs, lol and yes the award is sooo cute... how can you not smile when looking at it!

'Tart said...

Hey Stacy,
Congrats on your new office and getting Tracy's prints! I'd like to get prints when we can afford it, too.:)
Hugs & Blessings to you.

Hopefulsl said...

The hardest part now is waiting for my husband to make the frames for the pictures.....Cant wait to have them on my walls. Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs & Blessings Back Attcha!!!!

Hopefulsl said...

If we are twins we should have the same award, LOL.....
(((HUGS))) And (((KISSES)))