Saturday, November 22, 2008

:*:*:*:*COUNT DOWN*:*:*:*:

Hey everybody! It's count down for me :) I have only 9 days to get myself prepared tell i start my schooling to become a CNA!!!!!!! I am so excited but at the same time nervous as well. I think that is only normal to feel that way...........I am just use to working one on one and here i go trying to learn more and to be able to work with many clients! This is going to be very good for me in the long run. I can always move up to a LVN even become a RN. But that is later,later later...........One thing at a time LOL...........So guys i just wanted to let you all know that things are going pretty good so far and as well with my family! I am having to get finger printed next week, NO SWEAT ON MY PART. So glad that i do not have a bad record. My son says to me, Oh Mom lucky you, aren't you scared??????? I just laughed at him and said what about? I don't have a bad record LIKE YOU KIDDO!!!!!!! We both started laughing and he just gave me a smile :) Probably not funny to you guys, but to tell you the truth my son has minor criminal record by hanging around the wrong crowd. Guilty By Association is what i always tell him! He will learn someday, I HOPE !!!!! Well i am off and running again. Hope all of you are doing well and i sure do miss talking to all of you as often as i would like too. SORRY busy,busy,busy for me right now. Who am i kidding! I haven't stopped being busy LOL, just a different kind of busy. CHEERS To All Of You!!!!! MANY-MANY ((((((HUGS)))))) SENT TO ALL OF YOU>>>>>>>>


Mike Golch said...

good luck,I will keep you in my prayers that all goes well.

Hopefulsl said...

Hey Mike!
Glad you stopped by :) And thanks for the up lift........Hope all is doing well on your side. Take care my friend. ((((HUGS))))
Blessings Too!!!!!

'Tart said...

You're going to do GREAT!! I have full confidence in you and that this is your calling. I'm so glad things are going well with your family too.:) I'm glad you're so excited and the nervousness will subside, I am sure. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Tracy said...

I am so excited for you truthfully! I think this is perfect for you!!!! I am proud of you sis.

Love you lots!

Hopefulsl said...

Tracy & Tart!
You two are my angels :) I just love how the two of you can build someone up like the way you guys do!!!!Thank you both for lifting me up and putting a smile on my face-CHEERS!

Mike Golch said...

Hey,Kiddo I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!

'Tart said...

Hey Stacy!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!:):):) ((((Hugs & More Hugs)))) to you and yours!! TTYS, :) When I get back, Girl!

Tamara (TC) said...

I am so proud of you and very happy for you. You are going to do great and whoever you work for will be very lucky to have you.

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I miss being in touch with you more often but it is wonderful that we both have so much good stuff going on, huh?

You take care and have a wonderful class. Stay in touch as you have time.


Hopefulsl said...

Mike,Tart & Tamara!
Thank you all for stopping in and leaving me such wonderful comments :)
I think of all of you and hoping that each and everyone of you are doing o.k........This is the time of year that i wish for many happiness to each family and looking forward to the new year to come! A GOOD ONE AT THAT :)
Hugs to all of you!!!!!Blessings Too.

((((MIKE)))) (((((TART)))))

Mary said...

Hi Stacy, I am so happy and proud of you. I am sure you are going to do great, be proud of yourself as we are for you, let us know how you make out..all the best..hugssss Mary