Friday, August 8, 2008

*:*:*:*:ONE WEEK LEFT:*:*:*:*

My son has one week left until he starts school. He starts on the 18th of August, which means he will be moving back to his Dads on the 15th of August..... I have been trying to have talks with him about this issue. Of course i get a lot of frustration and attitude from him. I keep telling him that he needs to knock off his attitude and just go with the flow of things. But he keeps telling me that he is not going to stop and that he is planning on running away again, and this time he is telling me that he is already having friends getting him set up for this plan of his......I did tell my son that if he chooses to run back here that he is not welcome, and that he would be stupid to come back to this area because we would be able to track him down. Plus i told him that it was between him and his Dad now. I have had enough of this pain from him, now it's his Dads turn to deal with this....He proceeds to tell me that he knows all of this already, so thats why he has friends helping him out and not to worry because he plans on running away to where he plans on being 6 hours away from both of us.... WOW i say, i guess this means you will be one of those missing children out there. Which also means we will have a Amber Alert out for you!!!!! I told him please lets be reasonable about this, but still he is addament about this. Now i told him all i can do is wait untill this happens, until then i will be praying for you to make the right choice......Until then, my son has a week from today Friday to do what ever he wants. Not by my choice, but i refuse to fight with him anymore.. As a matter of fact, while my husband has been away, he has been giving me more problems than i had exspected. But who am i kidding, should have known that this would happen. Of course why not, a lot easier to push me around when theres no other men in the house hold.......What a idiot i am!!!! Lets just put it this way, (((I AM COUNTING THE DAYS)))-(((YIPPIE)))...Now please dont think that i dont care about my son anymore because he truly is loved by me. I just cant subject myself to his behavor anymore. Time for his Dad to turn him around, I hope anyway. Well i think you guys understand to what i am having to deal with coming soon. Hopefully my son will make the right choice!! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope all of you will have a wonderful week-end!!!! HUGS & BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU....... Love,Stacy


Katt said...

you and your son are still in my prayers. Even when we cant see it, God is moving. Never forget that.
Love and Hugs

Hopefulsl said...

Thank you for stopping by, and i appreciate the prayers!
Hope all is well with you?
Hugs & Blessings,

Tracy said...

Hey sis, I wish things were easier, and i totally get why you are relieved that he will now be the responsibility of his father for a bit! It is not easy dealing with problems. You need a rest from all the constant stress.

Hugggggssssss big time sent your way.

Hopefulsl said...

Thanks Tracy, i knew you would understand to how i am feeling.
But don't get me wrong, i will still miss him and probably still worry about him when he's gone. It's a mother thing right!!!!!
((((HUGS))))Back At Ya.......

Mike Golch said...

Stacy you and your son are still in my prayers. Just remember there are none so blind as those that will not see. You just have to put him in God's Loving hands. When God wakes him up he will change. it may take a while, but God never turns his back on one of his children. His children may turn their back on him. He is patient and will watch over his children no matter what we do.He so loves us that much. Hugs and God's Blessing and Love to you and all of your family.Mike G. said that! (It's an A.A. thingof mine)

Hopefulsl said...

Oh Mike,
With this comment of yours sure did make me wake up! That was the perfect thing to say to me right now....
You are so right on the money!!!
Blessings My Friend,

'Tart said...

Dear Stacy,
I can understand why you are looking forward to your son's leaving - hopefully it will provide time that you can feel less stressed about him and in your life, for a little while.

I'm sorry that there is so much stress when he is near, and I believe you, I know that you love him so much, it's like it hurts no matter what. I wish you the best as you go through this time.:) Hugs and blessings to you and yours.

Hopefulsl said...

Thank you for understanding, and yes i do love him very much. His Dad & i
just want the old son back. He was so much fun to be around and now all i see is a child hurting so much. It really doesn't have to be this way.
But for some reason my son's thinking is really out there right now.
He says that its his dad and i that are making him feel this way!!! Thats a teen for you...((((GIGGLES))))....
((((HUGS))))& Blessings to you and yours too!!!!!

Tamara said...


I know you love your son very much and that this is incredibly hard on you. It is such a courageous decision you have made to send him to his father and tell him he is not welcome at your home. I know you ache inside when you have to do these things. I also understand your relief that it is almost time for him to leave because you need a break. You need some time to heal yourself from this struggle with your son.

I am sending you lots of love and strength. I am sure the day he actually leaves will not be easy on either one of you. Remember you are not alone.


Hopefulsl said...

Hey girl, glad you are up and around.
Hope you are feeling much better these days?
As for my son leaving, you are right about me needing healing for myself.
And when the day comes for both of us to say good-bye, i know there is going to be lots of tears......
I am just praying that my son will do the right thing and go with the flow of things. If he chooses not to, then i know his dad is going to be a lot harder on him than i ever have been. His dad is not afraid of his son like i am. And i really hope if they get in to a physical fight that neither one of them will hurt each other really bad. That is one of my fears that could happen..
And believe me, my sons dad already warned me that if our son gets out of line in his home, he told me that he will not hesitate to put our son in his place. So now do you understand why i am PRAYING REAL HARD FOR MY SON TO DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!
Anyway, glad you stopped by! Are you guys done having work on your house? I hope so for your sake....
I'll keep you in my prayers as well. Take Care Now.....
(((((HUGS))))) Sent Your Way>>>>>>

Wanda's Wings said...

You and your son will remain in our prayers. Sometimes teen boys do much better with their dads.(((Hugs)))) my friend.

Hopefulsl said...

I agree with the dad thing. I too feel maybe this will do the trick!!!!
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. Like wise, you are still in
my prayers!!!!!
((((Hugs)))) Back at Ya.....

Mimi said...

I pray for wisdom for your son's dad as he deals with him...Is your son's father a Christian?
I pray that your son can feel the love of God and know that God can help him with the anger he feels...