Wednesday, August 27, 2008

*:*:*:*: POSITIVE THINKING :*:*:*:*

As i woke up this morning, i started to think negative, then i told myself that i was not going to start my day off like this again!!!! What is the matter with me? I keep doing this every morning and then i find myself feeling like crap all day long............. So i have decided to start this day off different, and so far doing great!!! I have a very bad habit of giving good advice out and not taking my own advice. I am sure we all do it. But i really need to start listening to myself. I know how easy it is to fall into a trap like this. And i am giving it all i got to pull myself out! I need to remind myself that i have a lot of support and that GOD is listening to my sadness. I am not alone, and that i am a loving and caring person out there. All of you bloggers have shown me that, and i still have allowed this sadness to take over on me. (((BUT))) not anymore, i am going to pull myself together and move forward and try to stay strong!!! CHEERS i say......Saying the word forward reminded me of the movie Pay It Forward! Have you seen this movie? If not, you must go rent it. Great movie i may say. ((Giggles))......So now i am off and running, and of course with that POSITIVE ADDITUDE....Hee,Hee......I hope all of you as well will try and have more positive days!!!!!! HUGS TO ALL :)


Tracy said...

You go sis! Positive thinking is a must, especially since there is a invisible enemy out there (Satan) who would love us to hear the negative thoughts he puts in our ear. You need to remember that those thoughts are his not yours, and you can mess with him also by hearing Gods positive ones in our ear, which seems you did that this morning. Woot woot, you keep hearing God's voice!

I shall do the same. Grins. We twins need to stick together don't we?

Hope you have a great day, and a even better night.

Love is being sent to you from my neck of the woods to yours!

Hugs and kisses and all that mushy stuff!!!


Hopefulsl said...

LOL sis. You got that right, us twins need to stick together!!! SMILES....
Thanks for the hugs & kisses and all that mushy stuff. Ha,Ha....
Love ya too,
Love,Stacy-Brat :)

Mike Golch said...

Wneh you are feeling blue and need sometning new, just say think you lord for the new day.
Hugs and Blessings. I have an award for the I love your blog. so come over and grab it.

jumpinginpuddles said...

positive thoughts do change our negative attitudes

Hopefulsl said...

Mike & Jip,
Thank you both for your comments.
Yes indeed, we all need to thank the lord for the new day! Positive thinking does change our negative attitudes thats for sure....I hope both of you have a wonderful day, and of course with positive attitude!!!

Tamara said...


Sorry I have been away so long. Hope the positive attitude worked and you are having better days.

How did the visit with your son go? I am so happy to hear that he is doing so well that he earned a trip to come see you. That sounds really positive.


Hopefulsl said...

Thanks for stopping by, and as you can see that i have been away myself.
I have not had much time to blog these days. I had a wonderful time with my son. He gets to come up on the week-ends only if he does what he is suppose to do. So far that seems to be working. Hope all is well with you?
((((Hugs)))) & Blessings,