Thursday, August 14, 2008

((((((( SIGNING OFF !!!!!! )))))))

Hey Everybody! I have decided to take some time off from BLOGGER-LAND......
First i would like to thank each and every one of you for all of your support and prayers that you have given my family. GREATLY APPRECIATED, thats for sure. I have chosen to leave due to my son will be leaving me tomorrow 8-15-08 Friday. Therefore i know i will be in a slump for awhile. Even though i do know that this is going to be good for him, he will still be missed very much in my heart!!!!!
The only way i will get to see him is by going to his Dads place and spend time with him while his dad is watching. I know this sounds crazy, but we both know if i were to take my son to lunch or somewhere we know he will run and wont go back to his dads home. This is the best way we can handle this. So with that being sad, i will probably not go and visit my son for awhile until things calm down!!!! I do not want to stir things up right now, and i will have to not take his phone calls for awhile too. In the pass, my son has called with lots of tears and that breaks my heart even more when i hear him crying. He is real good on how to make me believe that his dad is out of control with him, and that his dad is beating him all the time.
Well i hate to say this, but i feel that my son will need some kind of discipline to get himstaighten out. He does not get it from me as you all know this already...... I will just pray that my son and his dad wont hurt each other pysically. (((THATS ALL I CAN DO)))...... Thats about all i have to say on this subject, so now i am going to say GOOD-BYE and each and every one of you will be in my thoughts while i am away!!!! THANK YOU ALL.... ((((Hugs)))) & ((((Blessings)))) Being Sent To All Of You>>>>>>>>>>


Wanda's Wings said...

Take the time you need. I went though this with my Son and I know how hard it can be. You are our thoughts and prayers.((((HUGS))))

Mike Golch said...

Dear Stacy, take all the time you need you, You and all of your family are and will be in my prayers.
Hugs and God's Blessing and Love be with you and your Family untill we meet again.Mike G. said that!(It's an A.A.thing of mine)

Mike Golch said...

May the Wind always be at your Back, the Sun apon your Face,and God hold you in his hands until we meet again. I just had to invoke this Irish Blessing.

Tracy said...

Well sis we did talk on the phone, but know you will be very missed here in blogger land. Like you I look forward to seeing you wrote anything in your blog everyday. I do understand why you need some time, but please hurry back, because your friends here and your sis will miss you lots!!!!

I love you!



Hopefulsl said...

thank you, and i hope that it wont be as bad as i thought it would be.
((((Hugs)))) back at ya......

i love your Irish Blessings, thank you so much for that. (((Smiles))))
Hugssss & Blessings.

I know how you feel about this and me too look forward to seeing what you have to say as well... But i have a funny feeling that i won't be able to stay away for very long.
I just don't want to bring every body down with me. I just don't know what to talk about when i am going to have my son on my mind all the time. I tell you what, God will give me the strength and the words when its time......(((SMILES)))....
I love you very much and wish i could get a real HUG from you right now!!!!! I have to go now, tears are forming can't see very well now. (((((HUGS)))) my sis......

'Tart said...

Dear Stacy,
I know how it is not to have anything to say for stretches of time. You take all the time you need and you're right, God will lead you to speak when you are ready.

We are always ready for you to come back, because we look forward to what you have to say. I hope you are well during this time and that we get to hear from you soon.
((((HUGS & BLESSINGS))) to you and yours!

Tamara said...


Tears fill my eyes. You are one of my most trusted blogger friends. I so hurt for you, for your son, and now for myself to be deprived of your beautiful words that cheer me, make me smile and remind me that through it all life is good.

I totally respect that you are doing what you need to do to take care of yourself. That is beautiful and wonderful. Rest up, my dear friend. This wont' be easy but I trust you will come through it with your wonderful spirit intact.

You will be missed. I send you love, blessings, prayers and many, many good wishes that you and your son develop a better relationship and that he is much healthier when all is said and done.

((((((hugs))))) and love,