Friday, August 22, 2008


I am so shock!!! My son's dad is letting him come to my house this week-end. I am guessing it's because my son has so far been doing what he is supposed to do. Well for the most part anyway. So he will be coming to my house today, of course i am looking forward to seeing him. But let me tell you all, his dad has WARNED my son , if he chooses to screw this one up this means he will not be able to come back for at least a couple of months. My son's dad has told him that this will be his last and only chance, there will be no more chances if he decides to screw this one up. So it's all up to my son to do the right thing, LETS ALL PRAY, O.K........... I am happy about this because all i want is for everything to go back to being normal. If this all works out the way i hope it does, this means i will get my son every other week-end. When my son use to live with his dad before, this is how it use to be. He was a loving and respectable kid. Like any normal child they have problems but not like the problems we have been dealing with lately. And you all know why that was, due to him living with me and hanging out with all the wrong kids. I had no control of my son. Now that he has been back with his dad for a week now, i already see some changes in him. Not a 100% yet that will take time i know. But at least my son is actually attending school and not running away from his dads home. This is a big step for my son already!!!!! His dad has been keeping me posted all the time to my sons progress. Yes he has made some mistakes, but we expected some. And the good part is his dad has told me that our son has been telling him the truth when he gets into trouble. His dad can't believe it, cause believe me he does a back round check to everything my son is doing. And to his surprise, everything checks out clean........(((YIPPIE))).......I think my son is finally see the light!!!!! He has had a problem with lying for many years now. I have told my son that it will get you nowhere but into more trouble. Better telling the truth and deal with the consequence's now or getting caught lying and then having a worse punishment........I think he is finally seeing that. ( I HOPE ANYWAY ). Well guys, wish us luck this week-end and i do the same for all of you to have a very nice week-end. HUGS & BLESSINGS SENT TO ALL OF YOU>>>>>>>> Love,Stacy


Mike Golch said...

Stacy, I hope things go well for you and your son. Hugs.
sorry for not visiting much

Hopefulsl said...

Vice-versa, a lot going on with all of us these days. Thanks for making it by here today!!!! Hope you are feeling better these days, and i will keep on praying for you on your illness. ( seizers ) of course....
Hope that they have calm down by now?
((((Hugs)))) & Blessings,

Tracy said...

I am glad to hear that sis. Hopefully you all will have a wonderful weekend. Hugs and know i love you! Give that nephew of mine a huge hug and tell him his aunt loves him lots!


Hopefulsl said...

Thanks a bunch. So far so good!!!
I'll tell you all about it later.
Lots of love-xoxoxo

Mary said...

Hi Stacey: that is so great about your son, Ill keep praying for all of you.

Sorry for worrying you, I have been away on holidays with hubby and our dog for 2 weeks. We went to N.dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Alberta. It was a good holiday. I am still having so many flashbacks,and screaming inside myself. On holidays I did get to write about 4 poems which I will be posting. Hugsss to you and thanks for being there for me..Mary

Hopefulsl said...

I am so glad to hear that you are doing o.k....Glad you and your hubby were only out having fun, HOLIDAYS!
Yay!! I guess i need to stop thinking of negative and start thinking more positive......I wish i could take all those flash backs away from you. I just have to pray little harder!!!!!
Look forward to reading your poems.
(((((Hugs))))) My Friend....

'Tart said...

Dear Stacy,
I hope you had a nice weekend.:) I didn't realize that you had posted, till yesterday and I was busy so I'm back this morning to say, 'Hello!' 'Good morning!' :) and I hope things went well with your son.:)

It does sound like things are better, that he is doing a turnaround and I'm so glad for all of you!:)

To happier days for your son and the effect it has on your family!:) Hugs and Blessings to you and yours, Dear Stacy.

Wanda's Wings said...

Hope all went well.Sorry I have not been around sooner.

Hopefulsl said...

Tart & Wanda,
Thank you both for your comments.
And to both of your questions, yes it went very well this last week-end.
Yippie!!!! If my son keeps up the good work he will be aloud to come
to my house on a reg. bases....
I'll just keep on praying for him, thats all i can do:)....
Thanks again to both of you!
Hugs & Blessings sent to both of you.